Woods lamp – why choose one

Woods lamp – why choose one

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You want to tan? I do hope you can interpret different skin conditions under a tanning lamp. If you cannot, not to worry, you will get to know; what’s priority for me here is convincing you that doing tanning in saloons is pretty much expensive. You have to look at owning a tanning bed. It is a better and cheaper alternative but here also there is cost involved though much lower and so insignificant compared to paying for saloon tanning. The major cost here is replacing the tanning woods lamp of your tanning bed from time to time. How do I replace the tanning lamps of my tanning bed? What are the necessary things I should look out for on the replacement for my tanning lamp? These are quick questions you want to ask. Let me answer them without much ado; first you must know that tanning beds can come with either of these types of lamps- an high powered bulb or a low powered lamp; while the former is a common feature on tanning beds from Europe; the latter is the typical type of lamp used in tanning manufactured in the United States; your first assignment is to identify which one your tanning bed comes with.

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The manufacturer’s manual is a veritable source you can consult to find out this information. The lamp of your tanning bed should only be replaced by another lamp of the same kind. With good maintenance, a tanning wood lamp would serve you for between 3 to 5 years. Constant maintenance practice like wiping the internal components of the tanning bed and the tanning lamp after about 300 hours of use to get rid of dust that is capable of obstructing the rays of light from the tanning lamp is advised. Before purchasing sizes and wattage output capacity; the purpose of a tanning bed determines the size and wattage capacity of the lamp that comes with it.

The most expensive lamps are lamps with high wattage outputs. In case you don’t know, it is pertinent I add here that tanning beds can be put into many other uses apart from skin tanning; It is amazing to know that tanning beds alter the attributes of some woods in order to make them fit for making musical instruments; tanning beds are also healing therapies for certain acute skin conditions like psoriasis or gout; you want to sterilize medical equipment, the ultra-violet light of an high wattage tanning lamp can do that for you. It may not all be a sweet experience using tanning beds as they have their downsides too and pose risk to the health of your skin; for example tanning lamps contain mercury and emit ultra-violet rays; both substances are very toxic and injurious not just to the skin of the user but also to the environment; It is therefore of extreme importance that users of tanning beds take precautionary and preventive measures like wearing sunscreens and tanning goggle in order to protect their skin.


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