Was the Popular Art in the 1930’s Accurate to Current Eugenic Ideologies: ValueMags

Was the Popular Art in the 1930’s Accurate to Current Eugenic Ideologies: ValueMags

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Popular art in the 1930’s was no accurate to current eugenic ideologies. ValueMags is a marketing company for print entertainment and magazines. It is part of their job to understand certain topics related to art and writing today and throughout history. For example, eugenics. Many people were influenced and “breeded” based on what they saw in the media, very much like today. But that is about the only thing about print media that is accurate to today that happened back in the day.

Although the art was dramatized and most people were aware of their dramatization at the time, they were not consistent with eugenic ideologies. Most artist at the time were not attached to politics or ideologies. Therefore they would make art about popular ideas because it was demanded but they were not advocates for it. As a result of not being advocates for the inspiration behind their art, they were not specific about details or the messages conveyed. Additionally, they were artists! So, it is in their nature to be creative and abstract. Thus, how reliable could they be to report the facts? No very. ValueMags’ business relies on fact based information. With the increased demand for truthful facts and honesty in the media in 2017, part of ValueMags’ job is not only marketing magazines but auditing the content in them. It is not their job but they take it upon themselves to make sure that the information in them is reliable before they stamp their name on given print media. Fake news is becoming a scary reality with unreliable sources circulating on social media and news reporting stations neglecting details in stories. As a result, they do not report the full truth. A popular example is Fox News. ValueMags has found that Fox News has a long history of poor reporting which has hurt their credibility and reliability. They are often associated with the Republican Party in the United States which makes them even less reliable when reporting political news.

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