So You Want to Become a Weightlifter?

So You Want to Become a Weightlifter?

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One of the greatest things about lifting weights is that it gives you more than a few positive results. Aside from improving your sleep, boosting your balance and protecting your bones, it also helps you look better in your skinny jeans and your bathing suit. This being said, there are a plenty of reasons why one would want to become a weightlifter but dedicating yourself to this lifestyle isn’t a simple matter. With this in mind, here are several practical tips for all those who aspire to become weightlifters.

1.      Get the right gear

First things first, aside from all of the benefits listed in the introduction, weightlifting is a potentially hazardous sport. After all, you are exposing your body to a lot of stress, which means that you have to do all that is in your power to protect it. The first step here lies in going on a shopping spree and getting all the essential weightlifting gear. First, you need to get some adequate clothes, nothing loose or saggy since you don’t want it to get stuck in one of the machines at the gym. Next, you need some high-end weightlifting shoes, seeing how your feet are going to carry most of the weight. Finally, you should also consider getting a weight lifting belt in order to protect your back.

CAMP RIPPER, Iraq- Corporal David Olivier, a maintenance management specialist with Headquarters Company, Regimental Combat Team 8 curls a 45-pound barbell during his daily exercises at the gym here. While deployed, RCT-8 Marines have the luxury of a full gym and miles of road to improve their endurance. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Eric C. Schwartz)

2.      Warm up

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that you should always warm up prior to the training. You can start by stretching and then proceed to run about 5 minutes on a treadmill. This will get your metabolism going and your adrenaline pumping so that you are able to perform much better. More importantly, this will prepare your body for all the stress and tension that it is about to experience and therefore make it more resilient.

3.      Follow the gym etiquette

Like any other institution, the gym has its own form of conduct that is deemed as desirable or undesirable and knowing this etiquette can ensure you get off on the right foot with all the other gym goers. First of all, you need to bring your towel and wipe the machines after you are finished with them. Secondly, after you are done lifting, return everything to where you have found it. Finally, keep your phone in your pocket (if you use it to listen to music while working out) or leave it in the locker room. While there are other tips to follow, as well, these three simple rules alone will be more than enough for a beginner.

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4.      Don’t start too ambitious

During their first several gym sessions, a lot of people fear that taking weights that are too light might make them appear silly in the eyes of others, which is never the case. This makes them start off too ambitious and take on weights that are so heavy they need a momentum just to pick them up. It is clear just how easily this could lead to an injury, not to mention that this kind of training wouldn’t be very effective. In other words, you need to start light and work your way up over the course of weeks, months and years. Keep in mind that a project of working on your body is not a race but a marathon.


Same as any other start, getting into the world of weightlifting can seem as a horrifying experience to a newcomer, yet with a proper preparation, it doesn’t have to be so. Make sure to do your fair share of research on all the major topics so that you know exactly what to expect when you walk into the gym. Taking the first step towards greatness is always hard, yet even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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