Red blood cell enhancer – Anadrol

Red blood cell enhancer – Anadrol

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Anadrol is a synthetic male hormone medication which helps in enhancing the low red blood cells count. This synthetic hormone is an anabolic steroid. Anadrol increases red blood cell synthesis which helps in curing the disease anemia. The mechanism behind its working ii increases the amount of erythropoietin the hormone indulge in the development of red blood cells.

This medication should be used on doctor’s advice. Due to many of its side effects and interaction to the substances it not suitable to use it in enhancing the athletic performance or to improve the physical appearance .It consist of oxymetholone which doesn’t increases the athletic performance, Anadrol increases red blood synthesis and this is its major use or the only effective use. This medication is available in capsules and should be taken by mouth. Remember to have the doctor’s prescription before taking it as it has many severe side effects. Anadrol should be taken with empty stomach but if stomach problem or upsetting stomach creates problem then take it with milk or food. To get better benefits use this medication regularly and at the same time, due to which its consistency remains for long time. Basically the dosage of this medication is based on treatment and the medical condition, but if the dosage is increased without the doctor’s supervision then risk of getting severs side effects can occur. The time spam of getting advantages of this medication is mostly 3-6 months, all you have need to show patience during this time span.

Side Effects

With Anadrol’s amazing benefits comes the side effects too, which can turn into sever or life threatening risk. Some of the side effects are listed below-

·        Excitation

·        Diarrhea

·        Insomnia/hyper insomnia

·        Excessive mood swings

·        Trouble in breathing

·        Increased/decreased in interest in sex

·        Unusual weight gain

·        Swelling of feet/ankle

These are the general side effects but effects of Anadrol are different in both males and females which lead to different side effects.

In males increases in frequent erection ,penis enlargement , hair loss, changes in testicle size and shape (in some cases),trouble in urinating, breast swelling and impotence occurs, recommend to doctor if this problem persisted for long time and stop using it.

Females may have chances to experience signs of masculine characters and in most cases the changes are irreversible. Consult the doctor if any of these side effects occurs and persist for longtime such as worsening of acne, changes in menstrual period, deepening of voice, clitoral enlargement or facial hair growth.

Precaution for using Anadrol

It is really important to take the precaution before using the Anadrol; some of following precaution reduces the chances of having side effects:

  • Tell your doctors about your allergies because Anadrol may contain ingredient which doesn’t suit your body
  • If you have medical conditions such as breast cancer, kidney diseases, prostate cancer, liver disease, heart problems like heart stroke and if you have history regarding these diseases then prohibited its use.
  • Oxymetholone can increase the sugar level in blood so avoid it’s usage if you have diabetes
  • The drug should be taken after 18 years old and keep out of the reach of children’s
  • Also this medication should not be used during pregnancy.

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