Know about Winstrol Depot for Bodybuilding

Know about Winstrol Depot for Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilders are a strange community, to say the least! Despite knowing that taking steroids is contrary to the Sports Associations laws, they still do it. There are many known cases of athletes being censured or banned for the use of steroids in sports. Ben Johnson, Mary Griffith Joiner, Olympiada Ivanova and Rodney Howe are some of the athletes who were banned for using steroids. Using them involves a certain health risks and many people use them knowingly or unknowingly. Before using a steroid, it would be better to know about the pros and cons of using the same. In this case, one of the most popular steroids, Winstrol shall be discussed in detail.

Winstrol Depot Classifications

Winstrol is the name of the steroid which resembles the functions of Stanozolol. This synthetic steroid comes in tablet and injection form. The commercial name for the tablets is Winstrol and the injections are called as Winstrol Depot. Both of them give the same effect albeit in a different speed. The tablets are of low doses, mostly on a daily basis and take time to show results whereas the injections are taken once a week and are long-lasting. A typical use of tablets of 50mg strength per day for a period of 8-12 weeks is necessary whereas injections are taken at 250-400mg per week. The name depot indicates a storage of the steroid in the body and the steroid is released slowly into the bloodstream. The Winstrol depot composition changes with the kind of the skeletons being used. Estrane, Gonane, Androstane and Pregnane all have similar functions except for the carbon chemical composition.

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Effect on Bodybuilders

This drug was used for medical treatment of patients with conditions like angioedema and anemia. Eventhough it was effective in treating these conditions, later it was found that the side effects of the drug were potent and discontinued from being prescribed as medicine. Veterinary use for muscle growth, improvement of RBC production and bone density is still in progress. The effect of muscle growth found favor among the bodybuilders and they started using it. Eventhough it is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS), it does not bind to the Androgenic Receptors and does not potentiate in androgenic cells like skin, hair or prostate. Instead, they exhibit anabolic properties and strengthen the muscle and bone. This gives the user great strength and stamina. With this, they are able to work out hard and that too, for long hours. With increased workouts, they get more defined muscle structure.

Side Effects

Using any drug brings in some good as well as bad effects and steroids are very notorious for their quick effects. Winstrol is no different in this case. Being a Dihydrotestosterone, it can affect women very much. Masculinity and virilization are the major concerns with this drug and hence they should be used in lower doses. Liver toxicity is common for both men and women. A liver protecting drug should be used along with this steroid. Other common effects like  headache, nausea and vomiting, male pattern hair loss, increased cholesterol level and high blood pressure can occur. All Winstrol depot composition drugs can exhibit these behaviors. Users should make a better judgment while using this steroid.

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