How steroids affects low testosterone level?

How steroids affects low testosterone level?

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Testosterone is known as male hormone which helps in development and sexual growth of the person. It helps in increasing red blood cell production, spermatogenesis. Muscle and bone mass. It enhances the overall performance and strength. It stimulates mood and helps in developing the manly physical appearance. Testosterone is produced by testes and adrenal gland (in very small amount) in our body. Its secretion is stimulates and controlled by pituitary gland  which is located below the hypothalamus in brain. Testosterone is also produced in women but in very low amount and their body development is controlled by estrogen. There are many factors which affects its production. T levels are affected by steroid use majorly.

Testosterone secretion is on the peak at the age of 30-35 after that it naturally started falling. This fall basically started at the age of mid 30s or 40s.This gradual fall depends on several factors which includes age, health, lifestyle and almost happens with all men. Testosterone amount can fluctuate depending on environmental and physical factors. During adolescence testosterone amount varies and becomes static at the age of 20 to 40years.there are several charts available which shows the testosterone level at every age. After the research and studies, these charts are prepared and it consists of average amount of testosterone at every age. It is the fact that T level is affected by steroid use. Therefore, many of the new steroids have been introduced in recent years. Steroids which increase the testosterone level are gaining popularity and it becomes an important part of sports and entertainment industries. It is very popular among athletes and body builders. Also steroids are quite a hit between celebrities and models. Steroids not only increase testosterone level it also helps in producing other effects such as enhancing the performance, build up the muscles and burning up the calories. But they also have some side effects which cannot be neglected; if they get severe they’ll result in major health issues.

Symptoms of low testosterone are

  • decreased libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • infertility
  • excessive mood swings
  • increase/decreases in weight
  • increased fatigue
  • decreased body hair
  • effects on cholesterol metabolism
  • decreased strength/mass of muscles
  • increased body fat
  • fragile bones
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • restlessness

Besides this low testosterone also result in aggressive mood and disturbed behavior. One lost interest in pleasurable activities and gets irritated from small things. Low level of testosterone can be curd by hormone replacement therapy and by semen test. the most easiest way to increases the testosterone level is by using steroid. Some steroids such as Anavar, Winstrol or Anadrole consist of same chemical composition as that of testosterone with a small difference in its structure. This small difference helps in creating unique effects in the body hence, helps in increasing the testosterone level. Visit a doctor before taking anything as he will tells you more properly which medication an drug you should take. Follow his advice and you will see your testosterone level rising again.

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