Health and Safety Can’t Be Ignored

Health and Safety Can’t Be Ignored

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Everyone appreciates that health and safety in catering are of the upmost importance but sometimes time and diversions take us away from the practical application of good practices and lead to shortcuts and compromise hygiene and safety levels.

Unfortunately, although it’s human nature to try and accomplish tasks quickly and hope that there are no ramifications from cutting proverbial corners, inevitably at some point the lack of care and attention will lead to a cross contamination, food poisoning or health and safety issue and possibly legal action.

Whilst it may seem that your business is running nicely, if there are areas in the workplace particularly in food preparation zones that fall short of legislation these will be spotted by official health and safety auditing inspectors.

For example, a worktop for sandwich preparation has gouges caused by repeated knife cutting during food preparation. There is a sharp edge on the corner and beside the worktop is a cupboard with an insecure door, the bottom hinge is broken.

Health and safety auditing would determine that not only had the owner or management of a premises not taken care to correct these issues but that the staff were being placed at risk and so too were the customers who may find bacteria and germs from the tired worktop transfer to their food and give them an unwelcome health problem.

Don’t wait for legal action or health and safety inspections from the Food Standards Agency, the Health and Safety Executive or the local authority. Don’t ignore matters and feel satisfied with a middling food hygiene rating.

Be proactive and seek advice and training from food industry experts like the London based Food Alert who offer courses for all staff levels and run courses which are officially certified by governing bodies.

Health and safety in catering courses address every aspect of managing and employing techniques and the correct attitude that will furnish you with the information required to apply methods practically in the workplace.

Every person in a food preparation, manufacture and retail environment should be fully aware of their responsibilities and how they can help management to maximise health and safety and hygiene levels.

You can establish a system which allows you carry out impromptu audits, correct, re-educate staff, rectify premises faults and actively promote approved techniques so that when official health and safety auditing takes place you can enjoy confidence that all is as it should be.

Courses to consider include:

  • Overview for managers in food hygiene and health and safety.
  • Level 3 award in HACCP in catering.
  • How to personalise task risk assessments.
  • Health and safety induction training.

Some courses are available in online training packages, others require attendance. Firms like Food Alert also offer health and safety software and training.

Remember that training, the application of health and safety legislation and initiating effective measures will always cost less than legal action, a loss of reputation and business failure.

Talk to expert training companies today for more information.

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