Do You Know These Six Eyelid Surgery Facts?

Do You Know These Six Eyelid Surgery Facts?

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Tired-looking, puffy eyes appear in the life of most people at some point of time or the other. But if it becomes an everyday occurrence, you have to think about it seriously and find some surefire solution.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can help your eyes look refreshed. The lower eyelid surgery can remove excess fat, skin and muscles so as to eliminate puffiness. Sometimes fat can be refurbished.

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Upper eyelid surgery on the other hand includes removal of fatty tissue or excess skin through an incision given within the natural folds of the eyelid so as to keep it hidden.

If you are planning to undergo an eyelid surgery and have collected information about it, you may not know all the facts. Here are some.

1. Eyelid Surgery can be Helpful in Getting a Better Vision

It’s a misconception that eyelid surgery is done purely for cosmetic purposes. The surgery can even be done to improve your vision.

This is because sagging skin (ptosis) on your upper eyelid and around your eyes can hang over your eye and hamper your seeing ability.

An eyelid surgery removes this overhanging skin from the upper eyelids so that you can see clearly.

2. Insurance may Help

Insurance hardly helps to pay bills of cosmetic procedures. However, if your eyelid surgery is done at least partially to improve your sight, you may get covered by your insurance. This is important because eyelid surgery costs a lot and the cost depends on the length of the surgery.

Surgery of both upper and lower lids together costs more than single eyelid surgery. Contact Dr Naveen Somia, a successful cosmetic surgeon, to know the costs and other things associated to eyelid surgery.

3. Eyelid Surgery Cannot Help Some Issues

Eyelid surgery can rectify a lot of issues. It can rejuvenate and refresh your eyes, rectify drooping and sagging eyelids and/or remove surplus fat, muscles and skin from around your eyes.

However, there are some issues like dark circles which it cannot rectify. You should start getting a good night’s sleep to get rid of them. Concealers can camouflage them, skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone can help erase them and IPL (intense pulsed light) can zap these dark pigment cells.

4. Some Foods can Make You Choose Eyelid Surgery

Allergies, genetics, sushi and certain other salty foods play a role in the looks of your eyes. The surrounding skin of your eyes is thin and sensitive. Flus, colds, sinus infections and allergies can all cause a fluid buildup beneath your eyes and so can a sushi dinner with soy sauce, even the low-sodium version.

It’s a great idea to find and troubleshoot the true reason of your puffy eyes before opting eyelid surgery.

5. You May Not be a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery

Not anyone can undergo an eyelid surgery. Like all other surgeries, eyelid surgery too has its own risks. In case of an eye disease, like dry eye, glaucoma or a detached retina, or in case of diabetes or high blood pressure, you cannot undergo an eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery poses an increased risk of impaired or blurred vision or dry eyes if you have an underlying condition. Better be safe than sorry. Disclose to your doctor, like Dr Naveen Somia, an eyelid surgeon Bondi about all your medical condition seven though they may not seem relevant.

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6. Smoking can Delay the Recovery from Your Eyelid Surgery

It’s well-known that smoking is injurious to health. There is a long list of diseases associated to smoking. But smoking before and after your eyelid surgery can delay your recovery by increasing the chances of complications and delaying healing.

Ensure a smooth eyelid surgery recovery by keeping away from bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, and following your doctor’s instructions.

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