Canceling a ValueMags Promotion: All Your Questions Answered

Canceling a ValueMags Promotion: All Your Questions Answered

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ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company that specializes in promotional free magazines. They are based out of Chicago, Illinois but they ship their magazines all over the United States and have partners all over the United States. Recently, ValueMags has been working to inform their clients about how to cancel magazines. Although ValueMags does not auto renew their magazines, clients are still confused as to why they may be getting them.  With ValueMags, you are only charged once. When the subscription terms are all over, ValueMags will send you an email and ask you if you would like to renew your information and subscriptions. It is important that consumers and ValueMags clients understand that at any given time, you can opt-out of ValueMags magazines and you are never obligated to renew your free magazine subscriptions.

Among many other canceling procedures, it is possible that you are not receiving this magazine from ValueMags. Some websites will trick you into believing that you have added benefits to receiving magazines. Understand that under the ValueMags structure and organization, they will never ask you for your credit card information. If that is the case, you are not signing up for a subscription from ValueMags. If you have entered your credit card information, ValueMags strongly advises you to cancel your credit card immediately.

ValueMags makes it easy for their clients to contact them and let them know what is going on.

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