Age Gracefully in Comfort and Without Stress

Age Gracefully in Comfort and Without Stress

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The prospect of getting older can be stressful. You might be worried about limited income. Or, decreased mobility might be a nuisance. Health issues may seem to become more common as your immunity to certain infections is lowered. It can be very lonely if you aren’t working every day and your children have moved on to take care of their own families.

As you enter your retirement years you might need to do some planning to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Daily life is going to change. And, that shouldn’t come with an enormous amount of stress. Stress is not good for your health either mentally or physically. Stress can lead to heart conditions, weight gain, spikes in cortisol, and even depression. So, what can you do to stay healthy, comfortable, and stress-free as you age?

Physical Activity

Daily movement is one of the best ways to stay healthy and to relieve stress. If you can incorporate some cardio exercise into your routine, that is great. If not, try taking a walk in fresh air or taking a gentle yoga class. There are 5 different types of yoga you can try, based on your ability. Here is a description of them.

If you can, take advantage of a Silver Sneakers gym membership. Insurance or AARP memberships may cover the cost. This will get you into an environment where you can interact with others off all ages and capabilities. Exercise paired with social engagement is a win/win for stress reduction.


Diet plays a very important role in your overall health as you age. It is time to be mindful of what you are fueling your body with. It is very easy to reach for a frozen meal that you can pop into the microwave. That won’t be as nutritious as eating fresh produce and lean protein. Your brain and digestive tract will thank you.

Eating organic and pasture raised foods may not be within your budget. If you can afford it, that is the best way to go. If not, take advantage of local farmers’ markets to buy seasonal produce that is well priced. It is also a very social experience. Purveyors love to tell you about their small farms.

If mobility is an issue for you, consider having healthy groceries delivered. There are so many services available now from local super markets and online grocery stores. You will have to pay a delivery fee. It may be worth it to make sure you have nutritious meal options. One way to deal with the fee is to team up with neighbors to have one big delivery to one of your homes. Maybe you will make some new friends and can gather for a potluck, healthy themed meal, say Vegan Night or a Sugar-free Dessert Party.

Rest and Relaxation

Are you exhausted from all of the talk about exercise and diet? That isn’t a bad thing. You have earned the right to relax, and you should. Your body repairs itself during sleep and even meditation. So, get as much sleep as you can.

Consider replacing one of your TV chairs or a couch with a reclining seat that you can doze off in while watching TV, reading, or listening to the radio. You can also use this for meditation. There are sleep chairs that are also lifts, such as the perfect sleep chair,,that can recline completely or raise to lift you to a standing position. Just keep in mind that your grandchildren may want to “take a ride” in the chair on your lap. Is that such a bad thing?

Bottom Line

Aging can be a daunting prospect that manifests in stress. Being cognizant of how you are feeling and pro-active about handling it with grace may be the best thing you do to enjoy a healthy life. Incorporate some form of physical activity, stay socially engaged, eat well, and make time for rest and relaxation. All of these things will benefit you.

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