Advantages of using natural medical treatment

Advantages of using natural medical treatment

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Acupuncture is very old Chinese medical technique which is still in use to remove the several health issues from the human body. It is to be considered that acupuncture is 3000 years old technique. In this method, very thin needles are inserted in the body on the specific points in order to treat the various health issues.

This method improves the function of your body and also increases the healing process naturally by stirring or rousing particular anatomic sites. The most common method which is used to stir the acupoints is by inserting the needle in the skin. There are further more techniques which enhance this effect such as heat, pressure and electrical stimulation.

Advantages of acupuncture

Reduce headaches – in recent years this technique has proved to be very useful in the treatment of headaches and migraine. Needles were pinned in the forehead, scalp and neck in order to relief from the pain. This technique shows highly positive result then the modern day medical techniques.

Arthritis –  there are many people in the world who are currently suffering from this disease, unfortunately many modern day techniques and medicines fail to cure this diseases completely. In acupuncture method it is to be believed that there are 14 energy channels in the body which is responsible for the flow of natural body energy. Then the needle is inserted in these channel energy points which send the message to the brain that your body muscles or joints feel pain which will result in the release of the hormone named endorphin which block  pain receptor and give of relief from the joint pain and arthritis.

Harmless – this technique is totally natural as well as harmless as compared to modern day medical techniques in which there are very high chances of reaction and side effect from the medicines. It is also very useful in other medical treatment such as diabetes knee joint and many others.

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